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Text Twist

Text twist is an interesting word game which will help you to improve your vocabulary skills. A single player game in which you only have to make words with six letter jumbled over board.
Text twist is a single player game , player is given with a six letter jumbled word , above there is a block for solution and a six letter word will take you to the next level and according to given blocks words using two letters to five can be made. Generally player have to make as many words as they can , there are number of blocks given in the left side as one six letter word will take you to another level but many small words according to given block will help you to increase the score.
Text twist is a vocabulary based word game as you cannot simply add any irrelevant word with no meaning in blocks as it will not be accepted. Player have to be knowledgably and good with his/her vocabulary as it will help them to make the number of words in the given amount of time. Once the given amount of time ends the player score is displayed and the number of words he/ she was unable to complete is also displayed. Player can easily gain more knowledge after losing also as they can view the another words which can be mode possibly to win the game.
Increase in knowledge and more experience with words will help you to win the game and knowledge as well as improved knowledge will eventually help you in any terms. Words have more power than action as it is always said that and promoted it, generally text twist also let you to know the words and build as much as you can and manage the time as well as number of strategies to be made. Likewise if a player able to make the six letter word than he/she leads to next level so it can be a strategy to build it first and then make another possible words.
You can play text twist here for free and improve your vocabulary skills as well. You can share this knowledge and game with your friends and family as this game can be played by a small teenager to an old person so just come here and feel free to play the game of letters and improve your skills as well.